Take advantage of our expertise on promo items!

With our experience and expertise in promotional items and corporate clothing, we launched our online store, La Boutique Promo. This e-commerce site is a platform that brings together all the customizable products that we offer to our customers, whether it's from the corporate polo shirt to the promotional mug, including business cards and printed advertising, you will find all our products on Promotionnel.ca.


Are we a printing company? The answer is no! Our approach allows our clients to save on their printing costs, thanks to our expertise and our extensive network of contacts. Our goal? To work for you in order to get you the best price! Don't hesitate to contact our team for a free quote.

At Affichez, you will have the advantage of working closely with one of our experts who will be entirely in charge of your project. We can advise you, create graphic layouts, conduct research to obtain the best price, and then deliver your printed materials directly to your company.

Promotional items

Promotional items personalized with your company logo are strong and effective means of communication with your customers, prospects or even your employees. They allow you to put your corporate brand forward effectively in several contexts.

Be impactful with a customer with a promotional object adapted to their tastes or needs. You can also use them at events, such as trade shows, as conversation starters and anchors, or to close a sale. Promotional items are simple and effective tools and your customer will feel fulfilled and indebted and he will not hesitate to recommend your company to others.

Promotional items will allow your prospects, previously met during a meeting or an event, to more easily remember your conversation and the proposals made during the latter. By offering products such as a pen and a notepad, or even a corporate folder when submitting a quote, you put your prospects in the best possible position to contact you again.

Also think about everyday objects. From the coffee cup to the lunch box, these promotional items offer your brand additional capital that is not negligible. In addition, practical promotional items are more likely to be used and will also make your business visible to everyone. This is an effective way to get people talking while also being useful in day-to-day activities.

Corporate clothing

Corporate clothing is one of the best ways to promote your business. Not only do they help strengthen your brand image, but they also help create a strong visual identity while strengthening your team's cohesion.

On La Boutique Promo, you will discover a wide selection of professional clothing for all your needs: sweaters, polo shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, caps, winter coats, and even more! Dress your employees from head to toe with your logo and colors.

All of the corporate clothing that we offer is customizable according to the materials of the item, with its choice of decoration, whether embroidery, screen printing or transfer.

You hesitate between several clothes? We can make you discover our products, the colors as well as the materials available in our famous showroom. It will then be easier for you to make a choice and opt for the product that will best meet your needs.