General Terms:
  • It is your responsibility to validate all items on the approval visual(s): dimensions, colors, quantities and spelling. Affichez inc. will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions not reported by the customer upon approval.
  • All ideas, concepts and creations of Affichez inc. remain its property until the end of the project and until full payment of the service.
  • The customer agrees not to solicit Affichez inc. employees and subcontractors outside of his.her projects with Affichez inc. .
  • Affichez inc. shall not be held responsible for any delay or non-production due to circumstances beyond Affichez inc.'s control, such as, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, stock shortage, force majeure, fire, flood, ice storm, riot, strike, lock-out, terrorist acts, war, etc.
  • Any claim for defects, damage or deficiencies must be made in writing by the customer within five (5) days of delivery of all or part of the orders. Failure to submit such a claim within the specified time period constitutes irrevocable acceptance and acknowledgement that the products are in full compliance with the conditions and specifications.
  • Affichez inc.'s liability is limited to the specified selling price of any defective goods and shall in no event include special or consequential damages, including lost profits.
  • The customer acknowledges that the quotations have been prepared according to the specifications or estimates provided by he.she. In the event that there is an error in his.her specifications or quotations or if the customer makes any changes or modifications to his.her specifications or quotations, the customer agrees to pay the additional charges for any rework, modifications or additional work performed by Affichez Inc. .

Promotional Items and Clothing
  • Two (2) sets of corrections are included in the displayed price for standard items and clothing (without sublimation). Additional changes can be made at a rate of $15 per additional change. For sublimated items, graphic design fees are applicable based on the hourly rate in effect.
  • Due to manufacturing fluctuations, a 2% rejection ratio is an industry standard. Therefore, the customer accepts this variation and Affichez inc. will adjust the price accordingly to the quantities received.

Printed Material
  • Upon request, we can do the graphic editing of your visuals at the hourly rate in effect. You can also transfer your visuals using the template on the page for each product ordered.
  • Due to fluctuations in manufacturing, a 10% overage or reject ratio is an industry standard. Therefore, the customer accepts this variation and Affichez inc. will adjust the price in accordance with the quantities received.

Intellectual Property Rights
  • All intellectual property, reproduction and publication rights become the property of the customer upon payment of the final invoice. Logos and visuals provided by the customer remain the property of the customer.

Applicable Laws
  • The laws applicable to this contract are those of the province of Quebec.

  • Affichez inc. understands that the customer may provide sensitive documents and information. Affichez inc. agrees not to divulge this information and not to use it outside the terms of this contract.

Cancellation by the Customer
  • The customer acknowledges that the duration of this contract as well as Affichez inc.'s commitment in its realization is decisive. The customer may not unilaterally cancel or terminate this contract. The customer waives its right to terminate this contract according to art. 2125 and 2126 of the C.c.Q.

Warranties from the Customer
  • The customer warrants that he.she owns the publishing rights and is authorized to publish print/digital advertising and to publish his.her Web site. The client guarantees that he.she owns the copyrights, intellectual properties and publishing consent he.she provides us (images / texts / trademark / logos / design / ideas and concepts / video).